WAMP Server Debugging Tips


My brother was having trouble getting WAMP Server running on his machine. This is the process I took him through to get it running. These tips apply equally to XAMPP or any other install of an Apache server on Windows. If you don’t know, WAMP and XAMPP are installers that let you set up a […]

Mega Menus: SEO Concerns and Usability Pros and Cons (Intro)

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Mega Menus Usability and SEO

After a much-mentioned article by Jakob Nielsen, “mega menus” became all the rage, but there are some serious issues to consider before diving in. The can create serious usability issues and negatively impact your site information architecture and, ultimately how you are found, ranked and categorized by the search engines.

Mega Menus and SEO Concerns and Solutions (Mega Menus Part 2)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Mega Menus Usability and SEO

Search engines have made a lot of progress in terms of figuring out what your page is about, but large numbers of navigation links muddy the signal you send to the search engines, both about your page and about the rest of your site. There are lots of possible solutions, but the real solution is getting the information architecture right.

Secure Alternatives to Dropbox


Dropbox has come under fire for not being as secure as we’ve perhaps been led to believe, but Secret Sync and Spider Oak promise more secure alternatives.

Ubercart Quickbooks Integration and Ubercart Shipping Integration Options


Integrating shipping with an online store has it’s share of challenges and is a common subject of conversation in the forums for Ubercart (USPS Shipping Labels), osCommerce (non-answers on USPS integration and no answer though there does seem to be some integration). Sadly, if you should be so lucky as to be on osCommerce, X-Cart, […]