Secure Alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox has come under fire for not being as secure as we’ve perhaps been led to believe, but Secret Sync and Spider Oak promise more secure alternatives. or Endicia Dazzle with Webgility eCC and Ubercart?

I’ve been testing Webgility eCC with Ubercart and Dazzle and Okay, I expect anyone who makes it to this page will know what all of those are, but in brief: Ubercart is a shopping cart system built on Drupal. I love the power of Drupal CCK (custom structured data fields of any imaginable sort) […]

Paypal Buyer Protection on EBay is Worthless

Bottom line: Paypal Buyer Protection on Ebay is pretty much useless if you have to make a claim and can actually be a smokescreen for scammers. And more to the point, don’t buy software on EBay. I should have known better.

Finding Gmail Messages with No Label

Finding all your unlabeled Gmail messages can be a chore. If you find yourself wanting to do that regularly, here’s how to build a bookmark for your link bar so you can have single-click access to all Gmail messages without a label.

Gmail delete and go to next message issue

Short version: create a label (like ‘aaDelete’), enable keyboard shortcuts, use ‘l’, then label the message aaDelete, then ‘k’ to go to the next message. When you’re all done, select all messages labelled delete and then delete them. It’s sort of like a second Trash can since Google won’t make the first one work right.

Microsoft Word Index Entries Out of Order

If you’re Word 2000 index is out of alphabetical order, the culprit could be a semicolon in my the text of an index entry. If you do that, it throws a wrench in the works.

Bailing Your Boat: Clearing Problem Floats

Floats can be incredibly frustrating when they don’t work as you expect and they often don’t. The normal way allows for you to create drop caps, meaning the floated element sticks out beyond the borders of the containing box. Usually, though, you don’t want that when building web layouts and there are better ways to fix it than by adding an element with clear:both; Here’s one good method and a comprehensive list of links on the subject.