Change CNAME Record to run Google Apps on Your Domain at Moniker


I know this seems like a pretty obscure topic, but if you have a domain that you’re using for a website, but want to also be able to use it for Google Apps, you need to edit the CNAME record at your registrar. I found this rather inobvious at Moniker, so after I figured it out, I created a Google Knol about this. It seemed to be appreciated, but Google closed down the whole Knol system so I figured I would just copy it here so it’s still available somewhere.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the My Domains page (i.e. your domain manager)
  3. Select the check box for the domain you want to set up for Google Apps
  4. On the domain management menu, click IP (third tab from the left in current layout)
  5. Click on Template Manager
  6. Click on Create New Template and name it something like Google Apps
  7. Delete all selections for that template by clicking the check box next to each entry and saving the template. This gives a blank slate to work with.
  8. Under Add Template Records -> Select Record Type choose to add a CNAME record.
  9. Your hostname will be the verification code Google gave you (something like googleffffffffab123456) and your address will be that code appended to the Google domain (so in this example Note that there is no http or anything like that.
  10. Go to the Google help page on creating a CNAME record and scroll down to the Check the status of your CNAME record and enter the address with no http prefix (again in this example). It should verify in a couple of hops if it’s working right.
  11. Go back to your Google Apps admin panel and verify your domain.

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