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These are just some random notes on various solutions and half solutions people have put out there for making “mega menus” in Drupal. I’m sure there are much better roundups out there. I just don’t want this to fade entirely into the disorganized soup of my delicious bookmarks.

In brief, a mega menu is a dropdown menu that shows all child menus (as in child and grandchild menus) in one big flyout.

Many Drupal themes come with Superfish menus, including the popular Fusion family of themes, so that seems like a decent place to start. Over on Dave Buchholz’s I-cre8 blog, he has a brief post on Superfish mega menus that links to a demo and a download.

Beyond Superfish, there is an alpha version of a Megamenu module. Does it play nice with Superfish or replace it? I’m not sure yet.

If you’ve planned way ahead and haven’t started theming yet, you could use the JDT3 theme from JoomlArt which comes with Mega Menus built in, though you will have to buy a membership in JoomlArt in order to access it. The site is running Joomla I suppose, but there is a Drupal demo, which with a little styling would be quite adequate.

Some Other Menu Stuff

The Menu block module creates a block that appears dependent on context. So if you have articles and galleries, if you’re looking at an article category or node, it can give you a menu block with items relevant to navigation from where you are currently. If that makes any sense…

And while we’re at it, if you want to add arrows to Superfish menus in a Fusion theme, the good folks at FusionDrupalThemes.com have a nice little tutorial.

5 Responses to “Drupal Mega Menu ideas”

  1. alemat

    hi VicTheme,
    how did you do that ?

    would you please give me few tips how to create megamenue skin.

    or send me a sample to my email addy : [email protected]

  2. Thanks Vic – I’ve seen your module, but I haven’t tried it. I’m pretty happy with the current implementation of Superfish and should probably update this post.

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