How Can Google Maps be this Inaccurate? Private Residence as Landmark?


[Update: this data is now WAY better]

Google Maps screen capture with corrections
Houston... We have a problem

Every so often, I take a look at Google Maps to see whether they’ve finally put our house in the right spot. On the one hand, things are looking good. We’re only a quarter mile off now (as opposed to the 1.5 miles we’ve been off by until recently).

On the other hand, they’ve also added a bunch of landmarks to the map. Every single one of them is off by somewhere between a quarter mile and 25 miles. They even get the location of the famous Ahwahnee Dining Room wrong… by 17 miles. Though not on the image, they also put the Ahwahnee Hotel in the wrong place and show “National Park Services” in a spot that is, in reality, 15 miles from the nearest services (or buildings) of any kind, unless you count the roadside bathroom about half a mile from where they put marker. Keep in mind that this is a national park that got 3.9 million visitors last year, so screwing up the directions to basic services is not a minor problem.

Meanwhile, they succeed in successfully locating two well-known rock climbs, both of which likely have fewer than 100 visitors per year.

The only real bright side is that I can see is that they incorrectly label Carol’s house, so at least they’ve accidentally left her privacy intact.

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