Let the Games End


The Consistory members complained about rural governors (châtelains) who refused to remand people to the Consistory and then (loosely translated)

Des Jeux. Item des jeux, qu’il disent sont si frequentz que les loix et bonne discipline [are ignored?], chose de tres mauvaise consequence. Arresté que les cries des jeux et quilles soyent exequutees sus les joyeurs en publique. Et il y sont expressement myses les deffenses aux hostes, hostesses et tavernes. Of Games. Also regarding games, they say they are so frequent that the laws and good discipline [of the republic are not observed?], which has dire consequences. It was decided that cries regarding gaming and bowling be enforced against those who game in public. And that the prohibitions be expressly mentioned to inkeepers and tavern keepers.

This is one of many such complaints that the Council heard for years and years even before the Reformation, and in the end, the gamers and bowlers outlasted both the bishop and the Consistory, since neither holds serious power in Geneva now, but the gambling goes on. The bowling too.

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