Limiting Menu Choices for Drupal Content Creators


One challenge for any Drupal site is making the interface simpler for the “end admin”, that is to say the person who will ultimately run the site, but is not a developer or Drupal guru. In general, you can turn most things on and off, but the menu system does not allow you to hide admin menu choices for general site editors.

So if you have site editors that have the rights to create new menu items, you end up with a massive set of menu choices the user is confronted with and no way to stop them from trying to add a Product link (for example) to the Navigation menu. Or less worrisome, it’s just a hassle for the user to try to find the right menu, since they sort alphabetically. So they’ll have scroll forever for anything with a name that sorts lower than Navigation.

Thankfully, there is a module that lets you hide irrelevant menus in the Drupal node creation form: Menu Settings per Content Type module. This module lets you set it so that when adding content, only menus that might be relevant for that content type get displayed.

Here you can see a before and after, but note that even though I did some Photoshop work to show more of the Before visible, it’s still a lot less than half the choices. Whereas for the After, that shows the entire menu as presented to the content editor/writer.

click to see full size

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  1. That’s cool… I haven’t had time to test D7 since Alpha 1 I’m sorry to say.

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