RBT SEO Threadwatch #1


In order to be able the share things I find around the web related to SEO with friends, family and colleagues… I might actually do a second, maybe even a third RBT SEO Threadwatch.

  • Google is rolling out rich snippets in SERPs
  • Soliciting 1-Star Reviews on Yelp Works for this SF Bistro (22 Sept 2014)
  • A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager, with checklists (Buffer blog, 17 Sept 2014). The Buffer blog is, in general, worth reading.
  • How the War on Spam Was Won. I have been surprised in the last few years how little spam email actually makes it to my GMail or Yahoo accounts and how few legit messages get flagged as spam. A few years ago I was drowning in it. Now I hardly see any, but I also hardly ever get anyone who says a message didn’t go through. This highly technical, but completely enlightening “article” (email? post?) finally put all the pieces together for me. And explained one unforeseen negative consequence of encrypting email. I shared with some others and even some of the best technical people I know found it enlightening. But it ain’t easy reading. (6 Sept 2014).
  • Understanding Quality Factors in Post-Panda World (5 Sept 2014). Kind of polemical and with a few too many axes to grind, but this is an excellent list of quality factors in the post-Panda world.
  • Facebook is for kids right? If you think that, well my friend, you’re old. Facebook Is for Old People Say Teens (20 Aug 2014)

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