Getting Roboform Default Logins to Work Right


2019 UPDATE: I quit using Roboform many years ago and realized this ancient post still gets traffic. I’m sure Roboform still works fine, but I tested and preferred Lastpass. I switched over around 2010 and have been with it ever since, though with recent price hikes (now $36/year for Premium), I’m less enamored. That said, for an individual user, the free version of Lastpass gives you everything you need.

I am an absolute Roboform lover. It’s gotten to the point that my wife and I can’t bear to use a computer without having Roboform on it and now own three licenses between us. My wife really likes the Google Chrome browser, but refuses to use any browser that doesn’t have Roboform integration. If you’re like us and you do most of your banking, pay your bills, lots of shopping and so on, you have dozens of logins. If so, it’s just painful to surf the web without Roboform.

But it does have one annoyance that was driving me nuts. Quite often you’ll have multiple entries for a given domain. For example, I have two gmail address and my wife has one. So if I go to (er, actually, Roboform gives me three logins to choose from. Now I want my main account, not my wife’s or my spamcatcher account. Naturally, I set my main account as my default, but every time I would go to Roboform, it would try to sign me into my wife’s account by default. So I can’t just push a button and go, I need to select from the list of three, push a button and go.

Why wasn’t my default choice working?

I finally figured out that Roboform was listing my choices alphabetically and ignores my preference.

It turns out taht there’s a simple setting to fix this. By default, Roboform is set to “use best URL match” and, given several equally good matches, sorts alphabetically regardless of what the default is set to. So you simply turn this setting off and your defaults will work. Changing the setting is simple:

  1. Fire up a browser that has Roboform integrated.
  2. Click the down arrow on the Roboform icon and choose “Options” (see screenshot #1)
  3. Under the General Options tab, uncheck the box that says “Show Matching Passcards with the best URL match on top (screenshot #2).
Roboform Options Panel
Roboform Options Panel
Roboform Settings Screen
Roboform Settings Screen

Why Roboform doesn’t default to this option is a mystery to me, since it will only show you logins with matching domains anyway. I suppose if you had different logins for different parts of a site, like say for “support” and “forums”, you would prefer a URL-based match. That seems like it would be the less-likely scenario and, generally, Roboform seems to be very well thought out in terms of usability, but there it is. That’s how it works out of the box and how to bend it to you will.

So that got rid of the one little nit I had to pick with Roboform.

19 Responses to “Getting Roboform Default Logins to Work Right”

  1. Thank you so much for posting the fix to this. I’ve used Roboform for so long and always cursed it for the default setting not working. You are right, they should have this setting on by default! Thanks again! Great help!

  2. That’s so true, man!! It really helped me! Thumbs up! Cheers and viva Roboform! :-)

  3. Awesome information!!! Thank you !!!! Works like a dream just like you said. You have made my life better.

  4. Awesome, this has been driving me nuts forever. Pretty much the only thing I don’t like about Roboform; bizarre they would make that the default behavior.

  5. Hey – Glad it helped you out. It is strange that it’s not the default behavior, isn’t it?

  6. Great, thanks for posting. I was so surprised Roboform wouldn’t sort by the last login used or at least the default login.

  7. Glad it helped! By the way, I’ve actually switched to LastPass myself. I still think Roboform is better, but LastPass was easier with multiple computers. Now that Roboform synchs over the web and I have gone to just one machine, it’s sort of irrelevant now and could have stayed with RF and been quite happy.

  8. So here is it, how many years after you wrote this post, and I am just popping in to say Thank You! That is the only thing that was driving me crazy about Roboform and now it is solved. THANKS!

  9. I’m glad it helped! Sometimes it’s those little things that make some work for you or not.

  10. Rochelle

    Hurrah!! I have always been annoyed by this problem, and now you have solved it! Thanks so much.

  11. Steve Smoot

    Thank goodness, has bothered me for years as well….

  12. Not sure if anyone checks this site/post anymore, but I’ll try anyway. Does anyone know how to change the sort order of roboform identities? I have multiple identies, and say, two I use the most. But if the first one begins with “A” and the second one begins with “J”, I cannot get “J” to appear on the toolbar unless I also allow everything in between “A” and “J”…Make sense? So I’ve had to name them like “aApple_Identity” and “bJAVA_Identity”. This my nit I have to pick…Anyone?

  13. Ha! Does it look that deserted around here? I always have this idea that I’ll write more, but it doesn’t seem to happen. Unfortunately, I switched to LastPass about three of years ago. Roboform rolled out an update a few years ago that didn’t work at all for me and I ended up switching to Lastpass and it seemed almost as good (I still think Roboform was better for dealing with odd situations like HTTP authentication). So I can’t really help. Hopefully someone else will have an idea.

  14. Viktor Kharlamov

    Thanks a lot for the info, took me over ten years to Google it (my bad)

    Roboform-if it takes people years to figure something out, obviously you did not think about it even for 5 minutes.

    This bugged the hell out of me for over ten years! It baffles me how such a simple thing can be so overlooked. FIX ASAP It’s counter intuitive

  15. Hott Pie

    The latest update seems to have removed this. I had to reinstall and that option is gone. Really annoying for someone with 30 google logins.

  16. I almost deleted this post the other day. It’s quite old and I have not used Roboform for years. Perhaps now that it is no longer useful, the time for it to go into the dustbin has come. Thanks for the heads up!

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