Mega Menus: SEO Concerns and Usability Pros and Cons (Intro)

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After a much-mentioned article by Jakob Nielsen, “mega menus” became all the rage, but there are some serious issues to consider before diving in. The can create serious usability issues and negatively impact your site information architecture and, ultimately how you are found, ranked and categorized by the search engines.

Gmail delete and go to next message issue


Short version: create a label (like ‘aaDelete’), enable keyboard shortcuts, use ‘l’, then label the message aaDelete, then ‘k’ to go to the next message. When you’re all done, select all messages labelled delete and then delete them. It’s sort of like a second Trash can since Google won’t make the first one work right.

Take Control of Popups in Firefox


By default Firefox comes with a popup blocker enabled that prevents popups from automatically opening, that is the ones that you don’t specifically request, but that open just because you visit a page. So that’s fine. That problem is solved. What is more annoying is legitimate popups that are actually useful, but which are very […]