Now without tracking!

We are tracked too aggressively on the web. I am opting out and, while you’re on my blog, I’m opting you out too.

Monitoring and Tuning Network Traffic in Windows 8 with Netbalancer

I was having trouble with Google Drive wreaking havoc on my internet connection and need to see what was going on. No tool I know of is better for that than Netbalancer and I was pleased to find out that, unlike another tool I know, this one works in Windows 8.

Finding Gmail Messages with No Label

Finding all your unlabeled Gmail messages can be a chore. If you find yourself wanting to do that regularly, here’s how to build a bookmark for your link bar so you can have single-click access to all Gmail messages without a label.

Microsoft Word Index Entries Out of Order

If you’re Word 2000 index is out of alphabetical order, the culprit could be a semicolon in my the text of an index entry. If you do that, it throws a wrench in the works.

Uninstall a Service in Vista, Repair Adobe CS3 and Clean Up the Registry

I totally messed things up with a botched uninstall of Adobe CS3 [update: although, as you’ll see below, some people have used this on Adobe CS4 as well and I would bet this works for CS5 too]. Basically, all I was trying to do was get rid of the absurd and unnecessary Version Cue Server, […]