Owning Stuff

Her things own her more than she owns them at this point.

Two Mirrors

The glass mirror and the other one. A reflection on long-term marriage.

Growing Young

There are times we grow old and times we grow young. This is about one of the latter.

The Last Update

A last update from a dear friend and some thoughts on more versus enough.

1,000 Runs

How many more runs, climbs, hugs of the people you care about most do you have in this short, precious life? Maybe not as many as you think.

Past Tense

Did you know that it is about as long between today and the bombing of Pearl Harbor as between the bombing and the start of the Civil War? I’ve collected a few other “midpoint” juxtapositions that, at least for me illustrate a tension between the past and my perception of the past. Thus, Past Tense.

Nov 9, 1984

Definitely not whimsical. I wrote the first draft of this perhaps ten years ago and it reflects, as well as I could in hindsight, the funhouse mirror of my mind at 21. It wasn’t pretty. But if you love someone who is depressed, this might help you understand just a little bit better. If you are depressed, maybe it will give you a little bit of hope. For what it’s worth, I have not felt this way in decades.

Friends Lie

The really good ones do anyway.