Office Workouts: Staying Healthy in Front of the Computer

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Some researchers have recently recognized “sitting syndrome“, a constellation of health problems that result from simply sitting too much. Meanwhile, as anyone who spends most of their day in front of a computer (like me) knows, even with good ergonomics, we develop aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, back and wrists. If we’re not careful, we also watch our gut grow. Over the years, I’ve developed a a variety of in-office workouts that I can do in the workplace. They are not great for weight loss, because you won’t really get a sustained workout. However, you can build a bit of muscle and help stave off some of the negative effects of all that sitting. This article covers four aspects of the workplace workout:

In addition to helping with your health, getting up and moving around will make you more effective at work. Even though you may spend a little less time working and more time working out, you’ll actually be more focussed during your work and get more done. If you have a lot of time, check out this talk by Tony Schwartz, the leading expert on managing your energy during the work day:

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