How to Tell Tom from Las Vegas


I have a look that is apparently fairly common and people are often mixing me up with other people and with Las Vegas. I’m not sure of any easy shortcut to explain how to tell me from Amir Kierdan, but I have some tips for people to help tell me apart from Las Vegas.

So if you are looking at something and are trying to decide whether you’re lookin at me or Las Vegas, run down this checklist and by the end you should know one way or the other.
vegas and tom

Las Vegas


City Person
All Night All Day
Stars Sun
Concrete Granite
Limos Sneakers
Cigarette Smoke Wood Smoke
Mini Bar Chin-up Bar
Bell Hops Barbells
Slot Machines Slot Canyons
Speaks English in Paris Speaks French in Paris
Dean Martin Dean Karnazes
Money Time
Elevators Jumars
Air Conditioning Physical Conditioning
Alcohol Water
Meat Veggies
Industrial Natural
Skyscrapers Low-built
Noxious fumes from car exhaust Noxious fumes from beans
Suitcases Backpacks
Daquiris Smoothies
Stretch Limo Extended Cab
High-class Escort Ford Escort
Dance Revue Book Review
Caesar Cicero
Fake Renaissance Architecture Genuine Renaissance History
Stilettos Swiss Army Knives
Neon Lights LED Headlamp
Scaled Down (Eiffel Tower, State of Liberty, etc) Actual Size
Larger than Life Actual size
Red Bull Red Zinger
Tigers Bears
Siegfried and Roy Ben and Jerry
Sunbathing Sunscreen
Hedonism Asceticism
Bette Midler Claude Fiddler
Wayne Newton Wayne Merry
Casino Royale Royal Robbins
Celine Dion Céline
David Copperfield Tale of Two Cities

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