Thunderbird Hangs Up When Accessing Gmail IMAP — Rebuild Index

Arrghhhh! You go to look at your gmail with Thunderbird (or Shredder if you’re running the TB3 beta) and it just spins and spins and hangs up and you can no longer access your email via Thunderbird. I’ve had this happen with several versions of Thunderbird and I thought I’d tried everything – kill the account and reinstall, try a new profile, etc etc. Nothing worked.

This last time, I also got the message

The current command did not succeed… The mail server responded: No messages match. (Failure).”

Finally, that let me find an answer at MozillaZine and Google Groups. I had never seen this suggested before and it’s so easy.

  • Put the cursor over the Inbox in the offending account and right click (Windows) and select “Properties”

    Mailbox Properties
    Mailbox Properties
  • Then just click the Rebuild Index button

    Mailbox Properties Dialog
    Mailbox Properties Dialog

I wish I had known that a couple years ago!

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