… you’re most viewed helpdesk question is “How do I delete my account.” I realized that I actually have a MySpace account, though I have probably only ever looked at it five times total and not for many years. So I thought maybe I would remove it and went to the help section. What’s the […]

Taking Stock of the Impending Death of IE8 (Hopefully)

The long decline of IE8 has been painfully slow, but signs of impending death are finally here.

You no longer have to worry about Google ranking your Wordpress archive pages and leaving your main page rotting on the vine, but if you’re happy with that you’re missing a big opportunity. Custom excerpts improve the user experience and help you rank in Google.

Improve your Wordpress listing pages now

Best Jeremiah Johnson Quotes

This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, except insofar as Jeremiah Johnson quotes have todo with everything, now don’t they. And Rand keeps quoting Jeremiah Johnson at me all the time, which is pretty damn cocky of him for a starvin’ pilgrim. And then besides that, since I finally took the time to take […]

Drupal 8 is going to bring some huge changes. Fortunately, Netbeans is ready with support for Symfony, Twig and composer built in and available addons for SASS, Drupal development and, of course, a full-featured IDE.

Read about Netbeans' Drupal 8 goodness

I was having trouble with Google Drive wreaking havoc on my internet connection and need to see what was going on. No tool I know of is better for that than Netbalancer and I was pleased to find out that, unlike another tool I know, this one works in Windows 8.

Have a look at the screenshots

Short version: even if Google Drive isn’t actually transferring a file, it manages to slow down my internet connection to the point of being unusable. It doesn’t make a huge number of simultaneous connections. It doesn’t actually use that much bandwidth itself. It seems to just sort of be a black hole for bandwidth. VERDICT: Completely Unusable.

Read the full story of why I'm going back to Dropbox

Obesity, Rap and the Google Correlate Tool

I plugged some data series into Google Correlate to see what would shake out. What shook out was surprising. How do obesity and rap music correlate? I have no idea, but they do, at least according to Google data.

Drupal has so many modules to choose from. This article divides some of the main spam-blocking modules by type and gives a brief overview that will hopefully give you an alternative that works for you without annoying your users with a CAPTCHA (Down with CAPTCHA!)

Stop spam on your Drupal 7 site

Google’s Bacon Number Calculator has drawn a lot of laughs and sneers, but the last laugh will be Google’s, or whoever gets this technology correct. True, the BNC is a funny and mostly useless toy. I also think it’s the harbinger of the biggest change in the organization of human knowledge since the invention of writing. The BCN is small. The concept is monumental.

Read why the BCN matters

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