Now without tracking!

We are tracked too aggressively on the web. I am opting out and, while you’re on my blog, I’m opting you out too.

The Best of Our Energies

The story of a visionary president, a moonshot and the most powerful toilet bowl cleaners known to man.


Being an explanation of why blog categories just don’t work for me and why the navigation is so useless on this blog.

Friends Lie

The really good ones do anyway.

The Faithful Couple

Love. A little about us. A little about them. A little about nobody I actually know. A little about some trees I care about.

Curriculum Vitae

Some simple things are easy to learn. Some simple things are hard.

Improved Roads

When we “improve” a road, what exactly are we improving?This is a reflection on improving roads, both actual and metaphorical, in Death Valley and Yosemite and the slow loss of “natural” places with every “improvement.”

The Last-Straw Ratchet

Camel pulling overloaded cart

We have good camels in our caravan. Maybe not great, but good. But then we pile on too much, so the good camels leave and get replaced by slightly worse camels and we ratchet down, because too many camel drivers think their job is to make the camels adjust to the load, when usually their job is to adjust the load to the camels.

Farmers and Miners

A farmer works the land for generations and, if careful, the land is worth more with each passing year. A miner extracts what he can from the land and, when done, it’s worthless. Most business people are either farmers or miners and we need both. The problem is miners who mistake themselves for farmers.