Stealing Communion Bread in Reformation Geneva

Stealing the communion bread was both a problem for the authorities in medieval Europe, but also quite understandable. But in the context of Reformation Geneva, it unveils an entirely new set of problems.

Best Jeremiah Johnson Quotes

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this film, but not enough. Words to live by. The quotes that guided me from childhood into adulthood. You might be asking me whether it was worth the trouble to put this together. Ha? What trouble?

If that response means nothing to you, go watch the movie, then come back here.

Monitoring and Tuning Network Traffic in Windows 8 with Netbalancer

I was having trouble with Google Drive wreaking havoc on my internet connection and need to see what was going on. No tool I know of is better for that than Netbalancer and I was pleased to find out that, unlike another tool I know, this one works in Windows 8.

Garmin Forerunner 210 Review: Great Toy After Replacing Lemon

I was excited by the features the Garmin 210 offered, but myu initial faulty unit was a HUGE disappointment. Between terrible signal acquisition and a heartrate monitor that broke almost immediately. Fortunately, the replacement unit has been a lot better.

Uniformity, creativity and the employee handbook

George Hartzog, the greatest leader of National Park Service understood that creativity can be crushed in the name of “standards.” He killed the employee handbooks and set his people free.

Child of Geneva or Child of God

The phrases “child of God” and “child of Geneva” had very particular meanings in Reformation Geneva. How those two phrases get deployed elucidates a fundamental tension in Reformation Geneva.

Andrew Beattie, A Cultural History of the Alps (review)

Not a bad book, but if you’re looking for a serious and deep cultural history of the Alpes, or the mountain areas of Europe in general, this is probably not what you’re looking for.