EPA and DHA for vegetarians (Omega-3 Fatty Acids)

Everyone is talking about Omega-3s, but few people talk about the *variety* of Omega-3s and what that means for vegetarians. Short answer, you need EPA and DHA and algae-based capsules are the only vegetarian way to get significant quantities. That’s the same source fish use… but without all the mercury and overfishing.

What’s Your Real Workout Goal?

Most people are just trying to feel a little less guilty. The shame is, they are doing the most ineffective workouts possible — not enough intensity to get the benefits from a short, intense workout, but not enough volume to get the benefits of an endurance workout. They are in the sour spot. But it’s not complicated to come up with something bette.

Lift Weights Slowly for Good Gains with Less Risk

How fast should you move the iron when you’re weightlifting? You can find experts suggesting everything from explosive movement to very slow movement. Years ago, a famous bodybuilder, whose name escapes me at the moment, was a huge proponent of slow lifting, but as is often the case, these assertions were just anecdotal rather than based […]

Remembering Bob Kingdon, 1927–2010

Mentor, friend and inspiration. Bob is and will be missed. It was a privilege to know him, study under him and work with him.

Setting the Price of Wine in Geneva, 1556

As an essential foodstuff in sixteenth-century Geneva, the price of wine was, of course, regulated. Here we see in brief how that worked in 1556