Drupal has so many modules to choose from. This article divides some of the main spam-blocking modules by type and gives a brief overview that will hopefully give you an alternative that works for you without annoying your users with a CAPTCHA (Down with CAPTCHA!)

Stop spam on your Drupal 7 site

Google’s Bacon Number Calculator has drawn a lot of laughs and sneers, but the last laugh will be Google’s, or whoever gets this technology correct. True, the BNC is a funny and mostly useless toy. I also think it’s the harbinger of the biggest change in the organization of human knowledge since the invention of writing. The BCN is small. The concept is monumental.

Read why the BCN matters

Highlighting Ads In Google Search Results

Google has made it hard to tell ads from regular search results. With a bit of CSS, though, you can make the ads stand out so that it’s easier to tell them from the organic search results.

Find out how to change your user stylesheet to highlight ads

The Moniker.com interface is a bit confusing, so here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to change the CNAME record for a domain at Moniker

A discussion about trailing slashes on URLs for “listing” pages got me thinking about what a URL is and should be. Yeah, this post is a bit obsessive.


Why do some people take ownership of problems that others pass by without a response? I don’t have an answer, but if you do, please add a comment.

Are you an owner?

Supposedly, the Ivory Tower has nothing to teach business people, but here are three lessons business could learn by looking a bit more closely.

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WAMP Server Debugging Tips

My brother was having trouble getting WAMP Server running on his machine. This is the process I took him through to get it running. These tips apply equally to XAMPP or any other install of an Apache server on Windows. If you don’t know, WAMP and XAMPP are installers that let you set up a […]

Keyword Fail Part II

This one is not as much fun as my Testimonial Fail post that earned a mention by Brad Geddes. This one comes from someone advertising on Weather.com. Obviously this is a cheap spammy ad no matter where you are. But in this case, it takes Yosemite National Park as my city, and then tells me […]

Filter or Amplifier?

I was doing something the other day (I forget what it was) that involved filters for reducing line noise and amplifiers for boosting signal. Or roughly that, because I forget the situation exactly. But it suddenly struck me that people can either be amplifiers or filters, and which one you are at a given moment […]

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