Teaching Kids to Ski with the Tom Sawyer Method

A successful child ski lesson has at least three components: safety, fun and skills acquisition. In that order. When a parent entrusts us with a child, they have a reasonable expectation that we will take reasonable safety precautions. There are dangers inherent in skiing, of course, but we still place a first priority on safety. […]

Are you my friend? Social norms versus market norms

We are motivated to do good, even great, things for friendship (social norms) and we expect to pay for commercial goods (market norms), but when we mix these, bad things happen in our social lives and for companies that get this wrong.

Don’t Blink (Does Logic Betray Us?)

If you have to make a snap decision to save your life, that’s one thing, but the hoopla around Malcom Gladwell’s book Blink got me thinking of the times when I’ve been told that you can’t always trust logic. Well, never trust someone who tells you that.

The Problem With Common Sense

Common sense keeps us from doing uncommonly stupid things. And uncommonly wonderful things.

Microsoft Word Index Entries Out of Order

If you’re Word 2000 index is out of alphabetical order, the culprit could be a semicolon in my the text of an index entry. If you do that, it throws a wrench in the works.

The Magic Word to Get What You Want

We all know one “magic word”. Please works well, but there’s another word that you must know if you want to get your way and must recognize if you want to be less susceptible to manipulation.